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One of the opening scenes of the film, Mae (played by Emma Watson) gets a call from her friend, Annie (played by Karen Gillan) about an interview with a dream company company in Silicon Valley. In hindsight, it was befitting that her ringer was the Shaker ode, “Simple Gifts”.


The movie cuts to her interview that was a lighting round of questions to assess her fit for the team, almost robotic. He asked a question that Dion found most intriguing:

Interviewer: “What is your biggest fear?”

Mae: “Unfulfilled potential”.

This is a fear that many of us have as we reflect on our own lives. In our youth, we are exceptionally vulnerable to it. The lover, the friends, or the job that adds complication to your life. In our current society, quality of life and your job performance is measured by the number of “smiles” and “frowns”.

Mae is “excited” to join this company where everyday is one big party. You never have to leave the office because all of the conveniences for your life are right at your disposal. You can pick up your dry cleaning as you are leaving your 2pm meeting. Next thing you know, the lines become blurred between your personal life and your work life. You are fully in the circle. This is where we both said, this is like a cult. It seems so innocent with 1500+ engaged employees. She drank the Kool-Aid….


This film is a social commentary on the blurring of the lines between societal good and violating privacy. Is it good to be connected with friends and relatives? Is it good to be “fully transparent” for the world to see every action in your day? Let’s be honest, who really cares to know that much about a person?


The dialogue in the film was elementary with simple sentences, paired with overacted and overdramatized scenes, made for a movie that didn’t flow in many areas. This “climatic” final scene featuring Mae on stage for Dream Friday with Emman (played by Tom Hanks) and Patton (played by Tom Stenton). Quite honestly, it was a waste of 10 mins. We really wish filmmakers would spend proper time drawing a film to conclusion. Cut out nonessential parts in the middle to properly draw the film to conclusion. After a $14 ticket, we shouldn’t have to do your job.

The movie does make you question who is watching you? By no means, will it inspire you to change your social media behavior.  My dears, you are in the circle. For those who loathe social media, it will further prove their point to be social media free.

Notes from the desk of Dr. Metzger:

I’m a Tom Hanks super fan (I’ve even seen Joe Versus the Volcano). Unfortunately, he couldn’t save the film. A little over an hour in, Lauren says “this movie should have been done 20 minutes ago”. She was right. It was disjointed and then had a rushed dramatic conclusion. I was ready to be out of the circle. It did make me think about technology vs. privacy. I walked out the theatre looking at my Fitbit real suspect.
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The Circle

Directed By: James Ponsoldt;

 Starring: Emma Watson, Tom Hanks, Karen Gillan, John Boyega

Runtime: 1 hr, 40 mins


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