A Quiet Passion

Stillness and quiet opened the story 
Leaping with force — She stood strong 
Relationship with the Divine was full of glory 
It was a poetic song 
Loneliness — maybe 
Conformity to her was akin to a crying baby
A delicate flower resided under her layers 
Through this film, Emily emerged from the halls of the Ivory Towers. 
Lauren: Dion, is this corny?  I can take it out of the review. 
Dion: You can keep the poem…
The woman who is standard in classic American literature and Women’s Studies, beneath her rich prose is a complex woman that went her own way. Her faith and relationship with God was on her own terms. Conformity to society’s standards and expectations was met with sexism; thus, her words achieved popularity posthumously.
young emily
Cynthia Nixon’s portrayal of Ms.  Dickinson is sure to make her strong contender for the Academy.  She made a historical biography engaging to every member of the audience leaving them wanting more.  Understanding her story more. Seeing this “nobody” who is becoming a bigger somebody almost 200 years later.
V63A0084-169 copy.jpg
Terence Davies defied Hollywood studio executives, and brought Ms. Dickinson to life. His use of her poetry as soundtrack to the plot was pure genius. It was effective. As an audience member, you soaked up the prose like the flowers soaked up the sunlight by her desk.
Mr. Davies, writer and director, and Ms. Ehle,  who plays Vinny Dickinson, will most definitely be included in the list of awards during awards season.  Trust us. We had a combined perfect score last Awards season. 
This film delights and empowers us all to accept those who go their own way in life, and respect the women who shake the cage of conformity.
Notes from the desk of Dr. Metzger:
This is the kind of film I would never see voluntarily unless it already received an Oscar or Golden Globe nomination. I shy away from period pieces because they have the potential of being a complete snooze fest. I’m glad Lauren encouraged me to give it a try. Cynthia Nixon gives a remarkable performance of the rebellious, sharp,  yet caring writer Emily Dickinson. Spoiler alert: Once I saw her enact a seizure not just laying down but also upright…I knew the “best actress” nomination was in the bag.
It’s not exactly a pick-me-up heroine film, but instead it gives a realistic account of how we as women choose to cope with life’s battles. Well done, Cynthia. I walked in knowing very little about Emily Dickinson and left wanting to know more of her life story (and pick up a dictionary). It’s a two hour plus film but it keeps you engaged without dragging. Disclaimer: The film is super quiet (without any music even in the opening scene) so beware of your candy purchases. Opening my Twizzlers in the theatre sounded like a thunderstorm of firecrackers. I’m pretty sure my neighbors loved the added soundtrack.
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Directed By: Terence Davies
Starring: Cynthia Nixon, Jennifer Ehle, Duncan Duff
Runtime: 2 hrs, 5 mins 


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2 thoughts on “A Quiet Passion

  1. Love this review. A Quiet Passion is a movie I wouldn’t normally choose to see, but after reading your review, I’m interested in checking it out.


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