“Paris Can Wait”

Dion: And I love Alec and Diane.

Lauren: Say no more. 

If there is one thing that makes our partnership a match made in heaven is that we both have mutual admiration for classic actors, food, and travel.  A movie with Alec and Diane, food, and travel was a welcome movie night.  The bonus was that it was from The Coppola family.  A pure trifecta…wait, what’s the word that is a step up from trifecta?

Oh, Alec and Diane…what did we just watch? 

The premise of the film was a woman at a crossroads in her life.  Anne (played by Diane Lane) is the wife of a big-time Hollywood producer.  She ran a dress shop, raised her daughter, and was responsible for keeping up with Michael’s (played by Alec Baldwin) things.  Due to a painful, poorly dramatized earache, she couldn’t fly with her husband to Budapest on the private plane. Was that an excuse because she didn’t really want to go to Budapest?

What came next can best be described as an advertisement for the Tourism Board of France with Jacques (played by Arnaud Viard) on a road trip. After all, the best way to see a country is in a car.   Jacques gave the audience and Anne an in-depth history lesson, and food lessons that food should be a pleasure to the eyes and tongue.  He made us all ask the question, What would we be willing to dance in the rain for?

tour guide

Through Anne’s road trip, we had travel envy and left hungry.  We don’t know what she was looking for or if she found it.  The film ended with Anne looking into the camera eating a piece of chocolate.  This is when Lauren said, “Is that it?” For the love of all things righteous and holy, can you all please draw your films to a conclusion?

Leaving the theater several people said that was “90-minutes of food porn”.  We wouldn’t dance in the rain to watch this film again.  We would, however, dance in the rain to have a tour curated by Jacques.

From the desk of Dr. Metzger:

This movie felt like an extended commercial for a diner’s club credit card. It had French cuisine, candlelight, endless glasses of wine and the sharply dressed middle aged couple. The character development fell short, the plot had potential but fell flat and my beloved Alec Baldwin wasn’t in enough scenes. Flat, short and something was missing; that sums the movie up. I have to admit I’m a little annoyed I used my AMC gift card to watch this 90 minute commercial. Once again, this doozy was my pick. I gotta start keeping score…been taking a lot of L’s lately.

Metzger: images

Morton: images


“Paris Can Wait”

Directed by: Elanor Coppola

Starring: Diane Lane, Astrud Viard, Alec Baldwin 

90 minutes

Where we recommend you should watch it? 

Screen It: movie-tickets-300x211 Stream It: tv Leave It: images


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