The Beguiled

Some meet for Happy Hour at the bar. We, however, meet at the movies. We are usually the only ones in the theatre, so we can chat and properly review. Most importantly, we have hot dogs.

Take a house full of pubescent young ladies, young women at their sexual peak, and middle aged single woman, and throw in a handsome Union solider…clutching the pearls begins.


Like children, when a new toy enters our reach they want to be the first to play with it. In this film, the new toy was a Union solider and these women want to be the first for his attention. Coppola used the film to focus on three main points:
– universal desire to be seen, especially someone as desirable as Cpl. John McBurney (played by Colin Farrell);
– entrapment is not a friend of the human psyche;
– lies and more lies and more lies can do more damage than one can even imagine.

Sofia captured the darkness and deceit of the Civil War, one of the darkest times in US History. In remaking this film, Coppola subtly reminds us that until we make peace with our failure to see others, enclosing ourselves from others, and lying to ourselves and others….we remain beguiled by a fictitious past.

From the desk of Dr. Metzger:
I started off watching with a feeling of deja-vu like I’ve seen Nicole Kidman in this ghostly debutante getup before. I then realize it was from her role in “The Others” that had the same big house which never seems to get enough sunlight with a prison-like ambience. This film was good. It wasn’t magnificent but the thrills kept me entertained. Don’t let the corsets fool you, these southern belles were savages. I scare easily and even the song in the credits had me creeped out. Sofia Coppola did her thing with the casting (the paler the better) and cinematography. A honorable mention goes to Colin Farrell who had the best performance of the film.
The verdict is you can catch this one at home and maybe watch during the daytime.


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“The Beguiled”
Directed by: Sofia Coppola

Starring: Kirsten Dunst, Elle Fanning, Nicole Kidman

1 hr, 34 mins

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