We are going to be at the movie before the previews start. I’m not sure what we should do

Full disclosure, as an audience member for a Halle Berry film you don’t expect much. Yes, she won an Oscar. Her filmography did not make us gleeful at the prospect of seeing this film.

As luck would have it, we could not see our original choice for the week. “Kidnap” was our only Plan B. Remember, our movie critic criteria for Popcorn Reals is female lead roles.

Let’s just say, there were a few four-lettered words as we walked to the car to see it at another theatre.

Here is what we openly admit…we pre-judged deciding that our weekly movie theatre hot dog was a higher on our Maslow’s Priority of Needs Scale than truly being open minded to this film.

Boy, were we wrong.

This film shows the persistence of women. What the “Mama Bear” label really means. We love our children hard and will go to the ends of the Earth for them. Please note, only one of us has children.

This film is EVERY parent’s worst nightmare come true. You turn your back for a few seconds and your child is gone.

This film was a thrilling two hours. We gasped, theorized, and remained hopeful. This film could have gone typical, and her ex-husband could have been the mastermind of the kidnapping. SPOILER ALERT: Neither one of us was suspecting that outcome.

For that, we apologize to the fine people who made a film that everyone should see, especially you. Even you, Ms. Berry.

The film showed the audience that we must all slow down and pay attention. A small piece of advice, do not mess with Mama Bear.


From the desk of Dr. Metzger

I didn’t want to see this movie. I’m a mama bear of two little boys. When I saw the preview of a boy being kidnapped, I told Lauren “nope, not seeing that”. It hit too close to home and I figured the movie would have left me really anxious or on the verge of wanting to fight.
It surprised me. It had me on the edge of my seat but I was actually highly entertained! Imagine a high speed car chase of kid-friendly vehicles, an “I will kill you if you hurt my child” type of mother and the stereotypical trash villains…that’s Kidnap in a nutshell. Halle played the hell out of this mom role and the great cinematography further enhanced her performance. This film had me engaged and fully rooting for the mom to kick ass which pretty much meets all my thriller requirements. I also want to give a shout out to the stylist on set who chose not to duplicate the awfully distracting wig Halle had in “The Call”. I was able to fully focus in this one. If you’re looking for an adrenaline rush, catch this in the theatre.




Directed by: Luis Prieto

Starring: Halle Berry, Sage Correa, Chris McGinn, Lee Temple

Runtime: 1hr, 34 mins 


Where we recommend you should watch it? 

Screen It: movie-tickets-300x211 Stream It: tv Leave It: images

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