Til Death Do Us Part

 What happened to Chelsea?

Similar to our review of “Unforgettable”, we search for answers because the filmmakers somehow forgot to include an important detail. We just don’t understand how you can miss such an important detail. Is it that you felt the film was running too long?
We have a few shots that you could have omitted to give you time: the rose as a time marker, the anniversary party pan of the gift table, or the shots of the city. Chelsea, played by Robinne Lee, was such a key part of the story line that it deserved a conclusion.
While we did give the film a few points on the kitchen in the house that Michael, played by Stephen Bishop, and Madison, played by Annie Ilonzeh, lived in, and the closing credits about Intimate Partner Domestic Violence was an important surprise. The “Direct to TV” feel left us unimpressed.
We still want to know…What happened to Chelsea?
From the desk of Dr. Dion Metzger:
Do you remember R&B music videos from the 90’s (if you don’t, Google Aaron Hall’s “I Miss You”)? The aerial shots, melodrama, white furniture, and dope soundtrack…that’s “‘Till Death Do Us Part”. The abusive husband, wife in distress, ride or die best friend, and the savior boyfriend were all in there.
I salute the director for not using Tyler Perry’s preferential tones for the good guy vs. bad guy (I peeped that). The movie had an interesting twist in middle so I give points for that, and the PSA about domestic violence at the end. But, it still wasn’t good enough to even catch at home. Pass…
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“Til Death Do Us Part”

Directed By: Chris Stokes

Starring: Taye Diggs, Annie Ilozah, Stephen Bishop

Runtime: 1hr, 41mins


Where we recommend you should watch it? 

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4 thoughts on “Til Death Do Us Part

  1. I know Michael followed Chelsea to her car & ambushed her but did she survive or not? The next door neighbor got in a fight with Michael & Madison & got taken out on a stretcher but he was shot but he looked like He survived.


  2. Chelsea was the best actress in this file and I really am mad that they didn’t let me know whether she died or not when the abuse husband appeared in the back seat of her car. I was praying that they didn’t kill her but not knowing at all is just an insult to the importance of her character in this movie smh


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