Game Night

The weeks after Awards Season can leave any film lover feeling lost. 

We stare aimlessly at the movie app wondering what movie will make us feel as good as the characters that we cried with, laughed with, or took us on an emotional ride for the past few months.  This must how people after football season ends.  


Enter “Game Night”.  From the opening sequence of the film with pieces from your favorite games flashing on the screen, we had smiles thinking about playing board games with our friends.  We laughed at the crazy antics and quick one-liners.
This was the perfect film for our post-Oscar movie marathon, especially because Lauren’s next dinner party will now be a game night.
From the desk of Dr. Metzger
I had a secret. I love Jason Bateman and didn’t tell Lauren that it was the only reason I chose “Game Night”. It started off with all the timely punchlines, married humor and “gross out” scenes. Rachel McAdams was decent. Lauren and I had just finished a rough week so this was the perfect remedy of comic relief. About an hour in, I would have given this a ticket rating but then it got all mixed up. There were too many twists at the end that I stopped laughing and started getting confused. For that reason, I say go stream and watch this at home. My Jason (yea, we’re cool like that) did great but the story not so much.
I finally revealed to Lauren my bias in this week’s film pick as we were walking out the theatre. She forgave me and gets the next two picks.


Metzger: tv
 Morton: tv


“Game Night”

Directed By: John Francis DaleyJonathan Goldstein

Starring: Jason BatemanRachel McAdamsKyle Chandler

Runtime: 1hr, 40 mins


Where we recommend you should watch it? 

Screen It: movie-tickets-300x211 Stream It: tv Leave It: images

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