No more dollhouses.  No more attics.  Just ruin tree houses while we are at…


When we think of classic horror films (e.g., “Rosemary’s Baby”, The Exorcist”, “Poltergeist”) , even the mere mention of these films raises the hair on your arms.  “Hereditary” can now be added to that list.  This is a classic film and classic horror film.  Director Ari Aster clearly drew inspiration from these films but truly made it his own.
The dynamics of the women in the film draw you in an empathetic way to only rip the rug from under you with a smile.  Newcomer Milly Shapiro’s portrayal of Charlie is this generation’s Carol Anne Freeling from the classic film “Poltergeist”.  You are both frightened of her and understand her in the same scene.  As the daughter of Annie (played by Toni Collette) you wonder if your sympathy for this mother is misplaced, as she creates tiny worlds that model her real life that climaxes in the last 30 minutes of a film where I am still questioning reality. Is life imitating art or art imitating life?  Oh, Ann Dowd you have truly mastered the passive-aggressive, manipulative aunt from Aunt Lydia in “The Handmaid’s Tale” and now Joanie.  Why do I love you and distrust you at the same time?
Despite my Wonder Woman koozie with a beer, the audible shrieks, and a few expletives, I would endorse you seeing this film in the theatre.  Perhaps being in a room full of strangers makes it less scary.  
From the desk of Dr. Metzger: 
I left “Hereditary” disturbed, a little confused but yet so fascinated. That means I just saw an excellent horror film.
Toni Collette has always had that spook factor for me since “Sixth Sense” (1999). Her car scenes were eerily nostalgic. This role was made for her; anyone else couldn’t do it justice. Tragedy, spirituality, resentment and innocence were all represented in this two hour disturbing ride. I rotated from covering my eyes to my ears as if I was in a real live haunted house. I love that the previews were kind of misleading. I love the chilling cello played throughout the movie. I love that the last 30 minutes of the film were the most horrifying (hate when a horror film fizzles at the end). This is in my top 10 scariest movies.
I’m not sure I can stay a fan of this horror genre though. Now in my late thirties, I just don’t bounce back the same from the scares.

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Director:   Ari Aster

Stars:  Toni ColletteMilly ShapiroGabriel Byrne 

Runtime: 2 hrs, 7 mins


Where we recommend you should watch it? 

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