I Am Bolt

“Don’t try to outrun me.  Just run your own race.” – Usain Bolt to Yohan Blake 

I have never really been into sports; however, I am fascinated and inspired by people at the top of the game.  To see a small glimpse of his drive, focus, and dedication to his gift with his eyes fixed on two things…his legacy to himself and his country.

From his coach to his teammates to his confidantes, seeing “I Am Bolt” reaffirmed that you must always surround yourself with a tribe of people that push you to be your best.  They serve as your motivation when you think you have nothing left.

This film was just enough to keep this non-sports watcher semi-entertained.

bolt and coach

From the desk of Dr. Metzger

“I am Bolt” was a good documentary about a phenomenal athlete. Unfortunately, the documentary didn’t meet the level of Bolt’s excellence. There just wasn’t enough footage in the archives to make this great. I enjoyed the close view of the team’s camaraderie and the fatherly relationship with Coach Mills. I just wanted more. It was effective in reminding me how Bolt’s talent was truly a gift from God. The commentary from the world’s greatest athletes such as Serena Williams, Michael Johnson and Pele was also a huge plus. Although “I am Bolt” didn’t win gold in my books, it still qualified for a Netflix watch (especially if you’re a Bolt fan, Jamaican or just have a love for track and field). Although I promised to not be biased, I still have a question. Justin Gatlin, you still mad?

bolt pose

Metzger: tv

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I Am Bolt 

Directed by: Gabe Turner and Benjamin Turner

Runtime: 1 hr, 47 mins

Where we recommend you should watch it? 

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