Three Identical Strangers

When you play with humans, you do something very wrong.” 

To have the feeling that you never fit any place or lack a sense of belonging.  To discover that there is a significant part of WHO you are stolen in an experiment and you are unable to get clear answers.  Where is the line of what is unethical or enhancing knowledge? Who is held accountable when that line is crossed?  This film and story were so unbelievable that it could not possibly be true. Sadly, it is.  Through this film we got a small glimpse of the emotions of joy, horror, and loss experienced by these innocent families in a way that sparked anger and empathy.  I am still processing…Which plays a bigger role in our path of life,  nature or nurture?


From the desk of Dr, Metzger

Three identical strangers Bobby, Eddy and David meet at age 19 and take the world by storm as reunited triplets. I still can’t believe this happened in real life and literally 10 miles from my hometown.  Fact always trumps fiction in storytelling. The story of these triplets confirms it. This story is a psychiatrist’s dream case study. Nature vs. Nurture? Can the same mental illness run in siblings from different homes? Are our actions more based on genetics rather than free will? I’ll stop now before my inner nerd is fully exposed.  As they dug deeper into the story, my intrigue rose. I do have two conclusions from “Three Identical Strangers” which are science never justifies deprivation and nurture can overcome all.


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“Three Identical Strangers”

Director:  Tim Wardle

Starring:  Silvi Alzetta-RealiEddy GallandRon Guttman

Runtime: 1 hr, 36 mins


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