A Star is Born

What name goes on the Oscar? Lady Gaga or Stefani Germanotta

Originally made in 1937, the fourth installment is told by Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga. The onscreen chemistry from each acting performance drew the audience in as they beautifully told a story of love, friendship, secrets, and hope to make this remake relatable to our modern times.  The acting performances are raw and honest, the true measure of memorable film making.  The live music performances made this concert devotee’s heart leap with joy, and was the other star of this film.

starisborn - cooper and gage

“A Star Is Born” without a doubt will be a contender for several major acting awards this season. Calling it now…Lady Gaga will take home the Oscar for Best Actress.  Sam Elliot is a strong contender for the Oscar as Best Supporting Actor. Bradley Cooper will receive a nomination for Best Actor. Anthony Ramos will receive nominations for Best Supporting Actor.  PS: Lady Gaga could make Academy Award history if she were to win both Best Actress and Best Original Song.

From the desk of Dr. Metzger:

A star has BEEN born and her name is Lady Gaga. That woman is pure talent. This singer, songwriter and pianist has now proven herself as an elite actress. She may snag the Best Actress Oscar on us. Dave Chapelle was in there briefly and killed it (as usual).  That guy just keeps making the right career moves.  Overall, I enjoyed “A Star is Born”. The story seemed to jump abruptly at times and certain poignant scenes could have been done more justice by the director. 

Bradley Cooper is still bae and hats off to him for a decent directorial debut. He’s just not quite an Oscar bae yet.  “A Star is Born” is worth seeing in the theatre for the energy of the performance scenes and I also had a few “aww” love moments (head tilt and hand to chest). It was a good movie with an excellent performance by an actress named Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta. Sorry Lady Gaga, I had to call out your government name after seeing that performance. Well done.


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A Star is Born

Director:  Bradley Cooper

Stars:    Bradley Cooper, Lady Gaga, Sam Elliot, Anthony Ramos 
Runtime: 2 hrs, 16 mins

Where we recommend you should watch it? 

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