“I don’t want to be dependent on anybody. I just want to take care of my grandma, maybe go shopping every once in a while.”  – Destiny

I felt empowered.  I felt connection with the story of these women. I felt sympathy.  They played a game that Wall Street hustlers play every day; however, they were arrested while the others were never arrested. They used sex and fantasy to play their …a game like the stock market. These are women just trying to take care of their families and shop every now and then.  Robin Hoods? Revenge? Surviving? I will leave that up to you to decide. Ramona (played by Jennifer Lopez) was the head of the family that made sure the family was able to take care of their families. Like all crime films, they got greedy and got caught.  The film delivered a few quick one liners that added to the story.

It was one of Jennifer Lopez’s finer performances.  I am sure she will pick up a few award nominations.


From the desk of Dr. Dion Metzger:

I love a good hustle film and the main characters being women had me extra excited to see “Hustlers”. It started off excellent with all the right ingredients of a true story, strong characters and a vibrant New York backdrop. Then it fizzled with these extensive scenes (why was Christmas morning so long?) and character development cut short. Jennifer Lopez did a wonderful job as Ramona and this is likely in the top 3 performances of her career, up there with “Selena”. However, we could have chopped 20 minutes off her dazzling performance. “Hustlers” was equivalent to getting that bottle of champagne in the club. It first came in bubbly with the sparklers but after the glass was poured, it eventually became lukewarm and flat.


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Directed By:  Lorene Scafaria

Starring:   Constance Wu, Jennifer Lopez, Julia Stiles

Runtime: 1 hr, 50 mins


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