“Mati Diop, with her submission of “Atlantics” to the 2019 Cannes Film Festival, is the first black woman director in history to compete in the festival’s competition.” – NYTimes 

Part love story, part social justice, part ghost story… “Atlantics” hit the mark.  I was drawn to the love story of Ada and Souleiman, and connected to her silent grieving of a lost great love.  The blending of genres from romance to social commentary to thriller can cause you to be confused if you do not watch uninterrupted.  Give it the attention it deserves like romance and social justice commentary should receive.  If you do not typically watch foreign language films, give this one a try.

From the desk of Dr. Dion Metzger

Twenty minutes in, I sent Lauren an angry text asking if she had me watching a pandemic movie. I was so wrong. “Atlantics” is a beautifully shot film that tells a tale of love, loss, family dynamics and revenge. I also wasn’t prepared for the turn the film took in the second half. The suspense and beautiful aesthetics of the Senegal coast alone was worth the movie ticket. See it


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Directed By:  Mati Diop

Starring: Mame Bineta Sane, Amadou Mbow, Ibrahima Traoré

Runtime: 1 hr, 47 mins

Where we recommend you should watch it? 

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