“Family” was interesting…The film was the equivalent of standing in line waiting to ride this epic roller coaster and being underwhelmed when you get off.  I got the plot line about Kate (played by  Taylor Schilling) and Maddie (played by Bryn Vale) as an Aunt who “gets” the niece.  That is the best part of being an aunt. The connection to Insane Clown Posse’s juggalo gathering was bizarre and a weird addition to an underwhelming plot.


From the desk of Dr. Dion Metzger: 

Taylor Schilling (Orange is The New Black), Brian Tyree Henry (Atlanta) and Kate McKinnon (SNL)…how can I not love “Family” when I love all three of them? Well, I didn’t. It wasn’t terrible but it wasn’t great either. I do have to point out I was pretty entertained by how little f—-s Taylor’s character gave. I also learned that a “juggalo gathering” is terrifying. Overall, “Family” barely made the cut for a stream…like a random pick if you’re bored .

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Directed By: Laura Steinel

Starring:  Taylor Schilling, Kate McKinnon, Allison Tolman

Runtime: 1 hr, 25 mins

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Let me start off by giving Olivia Wilde a standing ovation. She knocked it out of the atmosphere with this cinematic genius. “Booksmart” is a hilarious adventure of when two students throw caution to the wind and make their last night of high school memorable. I loved every minute of it. Amy (played by Kaitlyn Dever) and Molly (played by Beanie Feldstein) are a perfectly matched comedic pair. I want to see them in more roles together.  The characters and story line are flawlessly developed, and made me reminisce about the cast of characters from my senior high school year. “Booksmart” shows what makes movies magical.

PS: I am Amy… always ready to leave before the night even begins, but has the most random antics of the night.


From the desk of Dr. Dion Metzger: 

Brilliant! This is my favorite film of 2019…actually of 2018 and 2019. These kind of movies are why I love film. I laughed a lot, fell in love with the characters and jumped into the nostalgia of senior year of high school. I loved every minute. Go ahead and add this to my list of teen classics with “Juno”, “Superbad” and “Clueless”. When we saw “Ladybird”, I had no idea Beanie Fieldstein was Jonah Hill’s sister! She nailed the role of “Molly” in “Booksmart” making it evident that Beanie will not be in her brother’s shadow. “Booksmart” was well-developed, hilarious, beautifully shot and even had a dope soundtrack. It was a perfect and Olivia Wilde…you did good.


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Directed By: Olivia Wilde

Starring:  Beanie Feldstein, Kaitlyn Dever, Skyler Gisondo,  

Runtime: 1 hr, 42 mins


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The Aftermath

Alexander Skarsgård will always be Vampire Eric.  He knows how to get a woman to fall for him with those blue eyes.  Let me focus.  Love and death is messy. The aftermath of an affair is messy.  This film could be a Lifetime and Hallmark Channel mash-up, and I am a sucker for absolutely ridiculous romantic dramas. This is the perfect lazy weekend movie.

From the desk of Dr. Dion Metzger:

“Aftermath” wasn’t meant to go to film. James Kent’s adaptation of the 2014 novel would have been best translated as a soap opera. Everything happened so quickly, “Oh, you’re in love now? And you’re in danger? Who is this guy? Wait a minute”.  The romance was as cold as the film’s German winter setting. It had so much potential with the history and the characters but nope.

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“The Aftermath”

Directed By: James Kent

Starring:   Keira Knightley, Ned Wills, Alexander Skarsgård 

Runtime: 1 hr, 48 mins


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